Objective: Identify what is a fossil and how they form.

Do Now: Get your notebooks and respond to this question
What is a fossil and how does it form?

As you watch the 45 seconds video, jot down three important pieces of information from the video.

Now as you have watched the video, talk to your elbow partner What are the three pieces of information you wrote down and why are they important?

Fossils are the stone remains of animals or plants that were once alive. Fossils can be the bone of a dead animal or his big footprints in the sand. Usually only the skeletons of animals are left after millions of years.

Mammoth gets trapped in the ice
Insect gets trapped in tree sap. The sap hardens into a material called amber.

Dinosaur fossils- formed in“mold and cast.” Dinosaur’s sinks in the bottom of the riverbed, flesh rots away, left only with bones. Mud and sand cover the skeleton over many years. More layers of sediment fall on the skeleton. Overtime, changes of soil and mud turned into rock. The skeleton gets pressured over time then the entire skeleton becomes solid rock. Over time the rock surrounding the skeleton rises to the surface of the earth- through an earthquake or mountains rise naturally.
The top layers of the rock are worn away by wind or rain. Slowly overtime, rock skeleton (fossil) comes to view but not all of it. Paleontologists have to dig a long time to find them.

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1. After watching the video, what can you say fossils are? How do they form?

2. Describe paleontology, what job do paleontologists do?

Look at image #1:
3. How does fossilization happen? Where is the best location for fossilization to happen?

Look at image #3 and #4:
4. How do paleontologists are able to locate fossils at a site even when the bones are no longer there?