Respiratory System April 13, 2015

Respiratory System

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L.E 1.2 d: During respiration, cells use oxygen and remove carbon dioxide.
Human Respiratory System.


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No you wouldn't be able to live without red blood cells because red blood cells carry oxygen throughout your body and without red blood cells you wouldn't get oxygen to your body parts and you will feel tired and probably die. That is why i think that red blood cells are the most important cells.

What is the function of a red blood cell?

Red blood cells carry oxygen throughout your body which is the main thing red blood cells do but they also release the enzyme which allows water in the blood to carry carbon dioxide to the lungs where the person breathes it out. A red blood cell needs oxygen for energy.


Can you live without Red Blood Cells?

You can't live without red blood cells because red blood cells carry oxygen throughout your body and when your red blood cell count is low oxygen doesn't get everywhere around your body and when that happens you feel tired, this is called anemia. A reason why oxygen is important is because Without oxygen you can't live because cells need oxygen to live because your cells use oxygen to get energy to do its job. Also red blood cells remove carbon dioxide unlike oxygen red blood cells try to get rid of carbon dioxide and they do that by transporting it to the lungs for you to exhale.

How long do red blood cells live and how do they reproduce?

Red blood cells usually live around 120 days. Guess what 2 million red blood cells just died inside you but don't worry 2 million were just produced. Your red bone marrow produces about 2 million red blood cells per second. Stem cells in the red bone marrow called hematologists gives to all of the formed elements in blood. Stem cells can change into any cell. If a hemocytoblast becomes a cell called a proerythroblast it will become into a new red blood.

What does a red blood cell look like and how does it help it do its job?

A red blood cell looks like a pinched circle but thats a good thing because it can get through tight spaces and thats important because red blood cells need to get everywhere around the body to deliver oxygen. If the oxygen didn't get around your body just like in chapter 1 you would probably die.

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In conclusion i think red blood cells are a fascinating cell how they can produce 2 million cells per second and i honestly had a lot of fun learning about red blood cells and i hope you had a lot of fun reading it!

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Red blood cells have oxygen and give oxygen to all part of the human body. Red cells are important because ……………(tired, die). Another job for red cells is to …………….. (enzyme) so it can send ……………………… so the lungs can ……………….. We cannot live without red cells because………………… we can continue living. Red cells also give the body……….……

Red cells are reproduces in the …………… They are………… shape. ……


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